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Rule the Local Search With Your Brand and Expand Your Customer Base with Our All-Inclusive SaaS Solution and Full-Scale Assistance !

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Business Listings with Local Advantage

Elevate your reputation, enhance local search visibility, and foster customer interactions effortlessly at all your locations.

Reputation & Visibility Management

Elevate your brand's online presence with a comprehensive solution that streamlines reputation enhancement and maximizes exposure on leading platforms.

Superior Review Management & Oversight

Centralized platform for monitoring and responding to customer feedback.

Complete Google Business Profile (GMB) and Facebook Command

Holistic control over your Google Business Profile (GMB) and Facebook Store Locator and soon with Bing Business and Apple Places. And a monitoring of dozen of business listing marketplaces.

Simplified Google & Facebook Post Scheduling

Effortlessly schedule and manage posts across both platforms.

Monitor dozen of directory listings

We can track your listing behaviour on directory platforms without API access to help you track your brand reputation.

Competitive Advantage & Teamwork

Gain a strategic edge over the competition while fostering seamless collaboration across your organization, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and drive success.

Thorough Competitor Assessment

Comprehensive analysis of competitor performance and strategies.

Valuable Performance Intel

Actionable insights to optimize your online presence.

Robust Team Coordination

Streamlined collaboration for effective multi-location management.

Automated Workflow Notifications

Different events can be scheduled to create customised notifications for each role in your team to ensure the best responsiveness.

Effortlessly Master Your Brand's Digital Presence: 

Simplifying Complex Multi-Platform Management.

What Is Your Main Problem ?

As a marketing manager overseeing 10 to 50 locations across multiple platforms can be an overwhelming task. It becomes quickly 40 to 150 profiles to manage on daily base if you do it properly.

Facing numerous listings across platforms, it's challenging to maintain your brand reputation and its visibility. Inaccurate listings deter potential customers, and managing updates, feedback, and engagement demands time and resources.

Partner with our platform for a streamlined, all-in-one reputation management solution.

Coordination Challenge: 

Simplifying Complex Multi-Platform Management.

Are You Prepared to Tackle the Cross-Team Coordination Challenge for Effective Business Listing Management?

The real challenge for organizations managing business listings lies in coordinating efforts across various teams, such as SEO, Social Media, Customer Service, and Local Management.

Ensuring seamless collaboration is crucial for efficiently handling customer requests, maintaining accurate listings, and enhancing online visibility to drive business growth.

Streamlined communication and a unified management system empower your organization to tackle these challenges effectively.

Customer Insights

Use ChatGPT to support your teams

Ready to Leverage AI for Enhanced Customer Sentiment Analysis and Personalized Responses?

ChatGPT is a game-changer for teams analyzing customer-generated content like questions, evaluations, and reviews.

By utilizing AI-based sentiment analysis, ChatGPT can process millions of words per year, identifying patterns and emotions expressed by customers, providing valuable insights for targeted improvements.

Furthermore, ChatGPT assists in crafting contextually relevant and engaging responses. It can tailor responses to suit the energy level and tone needed to address each customer, fostering meaningful interactions and promoting positive customer experiences.

With ChatGPT, teams can elevate their customer communication and build lasting relationships.

Empower, Elevate, Succeed Together

Simplifying Complex Multi-Platform Management.

Streamlined Management & Collaboration

Enhance team synergy and simplify your multi-location management process for a more efficient and organized approach to achieving business success.

Robust User Rights Control

Tailored access for each team members.

Unified Dashboard for Locations

The compilation of data gives you a clear view of the progress of your marketing efforts. Everything can be sorted according to different logics to get down to the details of a location.

Library of "saved answers"

Create a knowledge base to simplify the management of responses to your customers.

Identify Trends

With AI sentiment analysis, semantic analysis, customer reviews, geo-filtering you have all the keys to track your reputation from the global level to the detail of each location.

Elevate Your Brand Reputation & Business Growth with Local Advantage

Choose Local Advantage for a powerful, all-encompassing solution that seamlessly elevates your brand reputation and business growth.

Experience unparalleled control, insightful data analysis, and streamlined processes that let you focus on what truly matters - delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Trust us to empower your organisation and fuel your success.

Comprehensive Analysis & Interaction

Dive deep into your data and customer interactions, unlocking insights to drive growth, while providing personalized experiences for lasting customer relationships.

Valuable Performance Metrics

Actionable business insights

Complete Reporting Tools

Customizable data visualization.

Direct Review Responses

Personalized customer interaction


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