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Welcome to Local Advantage, the ultimate one-stop solution for managing your brand's online reputation and presence across multiple business listings.

We understand the challenges faced by marketing managers like you who are constantly juggling various tasks to maintain a strong brand image and engage with customers in today's fast-paced digital world.

We have developed a comprehensive suite of tools and services designed specifically to cater to the unique needs of businesses like yours.

With years of experience in the industry, our team of experts is passionate about empowering marketing managers with the tools they need to make data-driven decisions and ensure that their brands stand out in an increasingly competitive landscape.

About Web Igniter

Established in 2011, Web Igniter initially focused on providing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) support to our clients. We offered a suite of tools, including a semantic crawler, the WP Search Console WordPress plugin, and SEO guides for optimizing article rankings.

As the digital landscape evolved and AI technology flourished, we decided to support several customers in their need on their business listing management and brand reputation monitoring.

The project Local Advantage was born to offer a premium solution on the european market. 

Why clients choose us?

There are numerous reasons why our clients choose us as their trusted service provider. Here are just a few of the key benefits that set us apart from the competition:

1. Comprehensive and Easy-to-use Platform:
Our intuitive platform offers a user-friendly dashboard where you can access all the features and manage your brand's online reputation and presence across different platforms, all from one central location. We save you valuable time and effort, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.

2. Advanced AI-driven Insights:
We leverage the power of artificial intelligence to provide you with insightful and actionable recommendations, so you can easily identify areas of improvement and capitalize on opportunities to boost your online presence and customer engagement.

3. Real-time Monitoring and Alerts:

Stay ahead of the curve with real-time monitoring and notifications for new reviews, ratings, and customer feedback. Our system allows you to proactively address any potential issues and maintain a positive brand image.

4. Review Management and Response Automation:
Our platform offers a comprehensive review management system that not only helps you monitor reviews but also automate responses. This ensures that your customers feel heard and valued, ultimately building loyalty and trust.

5. Local SEO Optimization:

Maximize your local search visibility and drive more foot traffic to your shops with our local SEO tools. Our platform ensures your business information is consistent and up-to-date across all platforms, which is crucial for local search ranking.

6. Seamless Integration and Customization:
We understand that every brand is unique, which is why our platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing marketing stack and can be customized to fit your specific needs.

7. Dedicated Support and Expert Guidance:
Our team of experts is always here to assist you in any way possible, whether it's through personalized onboarding, ongoing support, or strategic consultations to help you get the most out of our platform.

Our beloved founders

Denis Lamotte - CTO
Denis Lamotte
Technical Director

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Francois Lamotte - General Manager
François Lamotte

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Our Sales Manager

Laurent Lemmens - Sales Manager
Laurent Lemmens
Sales Manager

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